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Mark Spruijt

Who am I?

My name is Mark Spruijt and I am 21 years old. I’m currently studying Computer science at Hogeschool Rotterdam. I am a developer that wants to learn more about the process of creating good software.


I grew up in a small village near Dordrecht. This is where I went to school and still live. My family is your typical Dutch family. My family consists out of my parents and my little brother. When I was younger I had a dog. 

How I knew what I wanted to do

In my childhood I learned how to use a computer to find online websites with small flash games. I would play these games after school. When I got older and finished my elementary school my parents gave me an old computer. That computer was used to browse and play games. At some point me and a friend found some bash scripts online that were fun. I could not really understand what it was but it seemed cool. After playing with the scripts we figured out some of the basics. And we kept sending each other different scripts until I found a script online that could open and close your cd drive. That script made me stop messing around with bash files. When I opened that file my cd drives(2) would open and close, It was all fun until I wanted it to stop. The script didn’t have a stop. So I restarted my computer and as soon as windows was loading the drives started again. At this point I had to learn how to reset a computer without my dad finding out. (The problem was solved, it took me over a week to reset a computer). A year went by and happen to find some Youtube video’s about visual studio( C# video’s). I started watching them because I was interested. A week later I downloaded visual studio and started to make little programs like automated clickers, spammers and even followed tutorials on how to make an encryption program. When I was playing around with the programs I didn’t even write myself I knew for sure this is what I wanted to do. A few years went by and I started on a computer science study. I finished that study in 2016 and now I want to learn even more about creating software.

Personal qualities

One of my personal qualities is eager to learn & understand. When I have a problem I always want to find the root cause and fix the problem there. I want to completely understand problems and systems.

I like to challenge myself in many ways. Over the last 4 years I have created over 4 different CMS systems each time I wanted them bigger, better and more efficient.

Areas of interest

My biggest interest is to learn more about software development outside of programming itself. On my computer science education I have learned how to program and things that come with programming. But I would like to learn a more professional way to create software and what needs to be done besides just writing code.

Future Plans

I have no idea where I end up working. But I would like it to be at a professional company where I can create and design software the right way.